Mr & Mrs Moore’s wedding reception at The Kendleshire golf club 5th November 2016

07 November 2016

Many congratulations to Mr & Mrs Moore who got married in Cuba, I see some of the pictures & it looked beautiful there.

They had their wedding reception back in England at the lovely Kendleshire golf club which Hotshots Entertainment was booked in to provide a photo booth, we took the new inflatable photo booth out which was a big hit as you can fit more people in there, I think we had 9 people at one time which was great, I have seen some of the pictures with 8 people in there, but I think there was someone else ducking down whilst in the photo booth.

Mrs Moore had powered up her laptop to show some pictures on the big screen, but it wanted to do updates first, which was not a big problem until I looked & there was only a VGA lead & it would not work on her laptop due to not having a VGA adapter, but I quickly suggested using my spare laptop which did have it, so a quick transfer of the photos & it was up & running in no time.

You both looked beautiful, the buffet food was amazing & your friends & family looked like they were all having a great time.

Thank you so much for booking with Hotshots Entertainment, you can see some of the pictures below & the rest you can find HERE, don’t forget to tag & share if you dare.

I wish you both many years of happiness together.



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