Mr & Mrs Booth wedding at Eastington park 2019

20 September 2019

Platinum wedding disco, white LED dance floor and open style photo booth was booked by the Bride and Groom. The happy couple got married at Eastington Park on the 19th September 2019.

It was such a lovely day with perfect weather conditions, sun shining all day long and the venue grounds looked beautiful. The staff at the venue were very friendly and helpful as always.

Cake cut and Photo Booth.

The evening started off by the cutting of the cake, everyone gathered into the lobby area to watch the happy couple. After a few guest headed outside to enjoy the sunshine. The rest of the guests was having fun in the photo booth as this had just opened. Everyone was having a blast and having their pictures put into the wedding favour key rings. Ben the attendant said the guests were smiling and laughing away, using the big collection of props.

First dance

It was time to get everyone back into the main room for the first dance. The room looked stunning with the white LED dance floor and the platinum disco set up. I introduced the Bride and Groom into the room while everyone was clapping and cheering. Their choice of song was Kodaline – The One a lovely choice, about 20 seconds into the song a couple of guests had some confetti canons they let off. Then I invited everyone to the dance floor to dance with the happy couple.


I did manage to take some pictures throughout the evening, you can see a few below and the rest including the photo booth pictures are HERE. Please tag and share with family and friends, use them as your profile pictures etc.

Buffet and Fireworks

At 9pm the evening buffet came out which was Burger, fries and pizza. The burgers were very nice indeed, hats off to the chef. At 9.30pm I asked everyone to go outside for a big photo shoot, but really it was for fireworks. Someone had booked these in a surprise for the happy couple.


Once everyone came back in, they hit the dance floor for the rest of the evening, throwing many different shapes. Some were dancing around with a life sized cardboard cut out of the groom, this was so funny to watch. A one point I played Dirty Dancing and he got thrown up in the air for the big lift. It was such a great evening and the Bride and Groom looked stunning. All the guests were so friendly and funny, I loved every minute of the evening.

Thank you so much for booking with Hotshots Entertainment. We wish you both many years of happiness and safe travels on your honeymoon.



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