Mr & Mrs Howells Wedding DJ and Photo Booth

28 April 2019

Wedding DJ and Photo Booth were booked for Mr & Mrs Howells Wedding at the lovely Eastington Park on the 27th April 2019. Morf was behind the decks, whilst Trevor was running the photo booth hire.

The happy couple had an amazing day and the weather was fine all day and night. Staff at the venue were very friendly and helpful, they did a great job with everything.

Photo Booth Hire

Trevor started the inflatable wedding photo booth at 7.00pm and he said the guests were having a fantastic time. We have a few new props on display and everyone had to get them on.

Photo booth fun with the wedding guests and Bride at the lovely Eastington Park. Love the new bride and Team Bride glasses, plus signs, with an awesome green screen background.

So people left lovely messages in their guest book alongside the photos. The guests were so funny and friendly. You can see a few pictures below and the rest you can find HERE on our Facebook page.

First Dance

After cutting the cake under the stairs it was time for the first dance. We gather everyone into the main room and introduced the happy couple. Their first dance choice was Brian Nhira – Till Death Do us Part, I’ve never heard of this song before, but it was a lovely choice. Halfway through I let off the confetti canon they booke din with us. It was then time to invite the rest of the guests up to join them.


At 9.00pm it was time for everyone to go outside and see the fireworks that were booked in as a surprise. A little bit cold at this time, but everyone was amazed by them.


Once everyone was back inside, they had the buffet whilst dancing and never left the floor for the rest of the evening. With so many different shapes being thrown all around the room, it truly was a great evening. The last song of the evening played was Oasis – Wonderwall, everyone grouped together in a big circle and the happy couple stood in the middle. Below are a few pictures and the rest are HERE, please tag and share away.

It was so nice to see some familiar faces as I did Mr & Mrs Roper’s wedding in August 2018 and some of the guests including the happy couple were there. Mrs Roper was one of the bridesmaids.

Thank you for booking with us and we wish you both many years of happiness together.



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