This is the latest and unique system that we can offer to you. You can hire the HotSelfie either for the whole day (wedding breakfast until midnight) or for the evening only 7pm until midnight.

Guest can take/upload pictures to our 55” TV in either portrait or landscape mode, then they are displayed on a slide show of which you can have the print option or digital copy. This is really a fun way for all the guests to get involved; we place the instructions on the tables in some 6×4 photo frames.

We can design a template to match with your wedding and these can be either printed out or a digital copy at the end of the evening.

The instructions are simple, guests just need to join our built-in Wi-Fi Hotshots and then go on a browser (safari / Google Chrome) and then type in Hotshots/ then it will then show like an app where they can take or upload a picture and even leave a message for you.

There are different designs for the TV, we have a BIG mobile phone, a picture frame and will be getting shortly a retro TV style. These are very good and do not take up much room, if the venue already has a
big TV on the wall, then please get in touch for a reduced price option.

HotSelfie prices

  • £295 Evening only digital copy 7-12
  • £395 Evening only with prints (700 max)
  • £395 All day wedding breakfast until midnight digital only
  • £475 All day wedding breakfast until midnight with prints (700 max)
  • Prop box you get to keep all the props £50

Wedding Favours

A great add on to booking our photo booth, let us take all the stress out of making the wedding favours.

These are key ring keepsakes, they come in a little gift bag matching your chosen colour scheme, they have your details on the back of the key ring and then a little message inside the bag saying “Keep me safe, you’ll need me later” We make these for you and then hand them over to either you or the venue, so the staff at the venue can place them on the tables so all your day guests receive one each.

Then later on when the photo booth starts, the guests come up and have a picture taken and we cut out the photo and put inside the key ring for them.

Wedding favour prices

£1.50 each
50 for £60
100 for £100