Selfie Post Box hire

Just imagine if we could combine a photo booth & video booth with a traditional post box for your cards.

Well, we can and it’s now available for hire.

The selfie post box will have your names on the welcome screen prompting your guests to take a selfie. Leave a personal video message or record a fun Boomerang GIF. Instagram ready.

The images will have your names and date on the bottom and your guests can instantly email or text them.

The Selfie Post Box will capture all images, video and GIFS and you will receive an email after the hire of all the fun.

You get the Selfie Post Box for the whole day/evening. So not only can use the photo booth on your wedding day, but also throughout the evening! 

You can move it around your venue too to maximise the usage (needs to be within 3m of a power socket).


The Selfie Postbox is £150 and includes all of the below:

  • All-day hire.
  • Your names & date on the Selfie Post Box welcome screen
  • Virtual props – you can add stickers and emojis to your photos
  • Your guests can post their wedding cards securely and/or they can take photos. Leave you a personal video message or record a Boomerang GIF on the Selfie Post Box (the images are templated with your names and date at the bottom). They can send themselves the selfie via Email so they have digital copies immediately. Sharing can be disabled just saving the digital files for you.
  • All images, video messages & GIFs captured sent to you after the event
  • No Photo Booth Attendant Required

The photo/video booth can be used at all times not just when posting cards. So it will capture your day guests and also provide entertainment for your evening guest too.

Your guests use the photo booth and once the image is displayed (branded with your names and date). They can email or text them to themselves so they have the digital copies straight away (all or any of these can be disabled is desired). 

We will send you all the digital images the photo booth has captured.

We will deliver and set up the selfie post box and place it on a table in the venue for all to use.

It also comes with a secure combination lock on the rear door to keep your cards safe.

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