40th and joint 16th birthday party. Disco and photo booth.

01 October 2019

A triple birthday party was booked in for Tony’s 40th, Tia and Alex’s joint sweet 16th birthday at the Saltford Hall on the 28th September 2019.

Cara booked for a disco and inflatable photo booth for the party in 2018 and I knew from the moment she booked it, it was going to be a great evening. It also happened to fall on my actual birthday. So it was nice that they included me in the birthday song.

Photo Booth

The photo booth opened at 8.00pm and the guests could not wait to use it. Julie was on duty and she said they have so much fun in the photo booth, using the different props and green screen choices. Loads of smiles, laughter and funny faces. You can see a few pictures below.

Disco dancing

There was plenty of dancing throughout the evening, with the teenagers up on the dance floor first. The adults did join them on the dance floor and after they did the speeches everyone joined them on the floor. They were dancing away and I let the confetti canon off they ordered from us and I must say it was the best one to date. The ceiling was so high it took ages for the confetti to come down, so it was like snow, a fantastic effect.

There was a great little dance off between the adults and teenagers to Like A G6 from Fast East Movement. So fun to watch and I helped out a little by doing the floss lol.


I did take some pictures throughout the evening and you can see a copy below. The rest you can find HERE on my business Facebook page, that’s the disco and photo booth ones in one album. Please share with family and friends, you have full rights to them to use as you wish to.

The Venue

It was our first time at the venue and found it great, such a nice big space. It is all community run, the staff are very friendly and helpful. They hold lots of events there along with their volunteers that help run the hall. Such a great local community.

Thank you for booking with Hotshots Entertainment, we hope you all had a great time. I look forward to doing future parties with you, when the girls turn 18 or 21?



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