Abi’s 18th Birthday party at The Wellsway

23 May 2016

A BIG happy birthday to Abi, I hope you & your friends/family had a great night.

When I first turned up at The Wellsway, I saw another van in the car park & thought oh no is there another DJ there, but no it was a band called The Mangled Wurzles they were booked in as a surprise for Abi’s birthday, but it was also a surprise for me, what can I say what a great bunch of guys & they know how to everyone up & involved, I had a great time just watching them.

After the band finished their first 45-minute set, I then put some party songs on, that the girls got up & danced to, then the band came back on for their second set, even more, people got involved which was great, then after they finished it was time for some songs from Abi’s playlist, it looked like everyone was having a great time, even though the floor got very wet with some spilt drinks & a few people falling over, luckily no-one got hurt.

Here are some pictures from the night & you can find the rest on my Facebook page HERE, please feel free to tag, share & even like.

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